Court documents reveal violent abusive history of New Mexico double murder suspect

Court documents reveal violent abusive history of New Mexico double murder suspect
Hector Madrid, 40

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Hector Madrid, the 40-year-old man wanted for double homicide in Hobbs, New Mexico, was arrested in Lubbock Wednesday following a raid by Lubbock SWAT and the Texas Anti-Gang Center.

Now, court documents discovered while researching Madrid’s criminal past have uncovered a violent abusive history, leading to a situation where he allegedly forced his then-girlfriend into a car and took her by force to an ATM to get drug money.

A Protective order filed by his ex-girlfriend on June 27 outlines Madrid’s tendency towards physical violence and abuse of methamphetamine, causing his girlfriend to fear for her personal safety on several occasions over the course of more than a year.

In March 2018, the victim states that she and Madrid were driving in Lubbock when she expressed a desire to end the relationship. Madrid became angry, threatening to show her the “real Hector,” before punching her in the face three times with a closed fist, according to court documents. She states she pretended to be unconscious as the car pulled to the side of the road. Madrid ran from the vehicle and the victim drove to the hospital.

Several months later, in September 2018, she describes a moment when Madrid became angry, pushed her against her a wall and tried to choke her. She screamed for help and Madrid ran, she then called the police.

A little more than two months later, Madrid was drunk and arguing with her when he grabbed a knife and threatened to kill her and her children, according to her statements in the protective order.

Finally, the event that triggered the application for the protective order happened around June 24, 2019, when Madrid’s girlfriend emptied their joint bank account to prevent him from purchasing anymore meth.

He had told her on multiple occasions about his use of meth, and she told him her reasons for emptying the account. Madrid became very angry, threatening to “burn her house down” and do what other acts to “get his money’s worth,” the document states. She called the police and filed a report. Later, Madrid’s cousin contacted her about the money, saying she needed to get it back or he wouldn’t leave her alone.

Madrid began walking to his girlfriend’s home and when he arrived, according to the girlfriend’s statement, he threw a brick through her window. She tried to exit the home through a garage door and Madrid caught her and dragged her back inside the home.

Once inside, he began screaming in her face that he would “kill his brother and anyone that ever wronged him," and then yelling about the money. She told him she would transfer it back if he would leave her alone. He told her he would take her to an ATM to get the money back immediately. She agreed to go with him, but after waiting for the garage door to open and while Madrid was sitting in the passenger seat, she ran.

Before she could reach her neighbor’s home, Madrid caught her. Madrid physically picked her up and carried her back to the house while she struggled, injuring her foot in the process.

She eventually agreed to be taken to an ATM. While they were on the way, she says she spotted a Police officer. Madrid turned to her and said, “Go right ahead, I know what you’re thinking. I will do life,” according to the statement.

They got to the ATM and she handed the money over, but Madrid told her to drive him back to his cousin’s house. Madrid told her he knew she would call 911, and that she should, saying, “He was tired and wanted to do life.” She did, and filed a police report before going to the hospital to get treatment for her bruises, scrapes and foot injury.

The protective order she filed sought to prohibit Madrid from communicating or interacting with her, or indirectly threatening her through another person. It also prohibits him from going within 200 yards of her, as well as ever possessing a firearm.

Madrid is currently awaiting extradition to New Mexico on warrant for a double homicide.

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