How Carlos Rodriquez’ letter could affect his murder charges

How a written confession may affect Carlos Rodriquez murder case

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Carlos Rodriquez, the man charged with the murder of Zoe Campos, sent a letter to the media admitting to the crime and detailing the night it happened.

Kris Espino is a criminal defense lawyer in Lubbock. He said what Rodriquez did is not something you ever want your client to do.

“Clearly it’s not very helpful to the defense when the defendant basically writes out word for word how he committed the crime he’s accuse of committing,” Espino said.

He said when he first read the letter Carlos Rodriquez wrote describing the murder of Zoe Campos, he thought Rodriquez might be claiming temporary insanity as a defense.

But, Espino said in Texas, you cannot claim insanity due to voluntary intoxication.

“You can’t do a bunch of drugs, get really high, not know what you’re doing and commit some crimes, and everyone be like well, no big deal. It’s clearly a very big deal,” Espino said.

Espino said he would not want one of his clients to write a letter detailing his crime to the media for a couple of reasons.

“Obviously it seemed like it caused a lot of pain for the family,” Espino said. “You really kind of want these things reserved for the courtroom so that you can use them as best you can to help your defendant and not blurt it out to the world.”

Espino said he does not think Rodriquez’ letter will have much of an affect on the case in terms of whether he is guilty or not guilty, but he said the defense may be able to use it to lessen the punishment.

“Whether a defendant does accept responsibility, does show accountability, most of all remorse and an ability to be rehabilitated, those are things that the judge or jury use when figuring out what the punishment, in that very large range, should be,” Espino said.

As to whether we can trust the accuracy of the letter, Espino said “That’s for the jury to determine. They will very much get to hear this letter and read it.”

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