More than heat

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - It’s more than just the heat. You may be one of many in the Lubbock area who yesterday said it felt hotter than 91°, which was Sunday’s high (recorded at the airport). It’s the humidity, which has been high by West Texas standards. It will continue to be, even as temperatures edge up this week. First temperatures, then the not-quite-non-existent rain chance.

Today will be mostly sunny with a light wind. It will be hot, typical for summer, with highs ranging from the low 90s in the northwestern KCBD viewing area to the upper 90s in the eastern viewing area. Did I mention, it will be humid.

Tomorrow will be partly cloudy with a bit of a breeze. And hot and humid.

Wednesday will be mostly sunny with a bit of a breeze. And a little hotter, and still humid.

Late week temperatures will top out in the 90s around Lubbock. And still it looks humid. My current forecast highs for Lubbock remain below triple-digits, but keep an eye on the forecast. Also, some of the hotter areas in the KCBD viewing area will record triple-digit temperatures.

If you are going to spend time outside take it easy in the heat, drink plenty of water, use sunscreen, wear a hat, spend time in the shade or, better, in an air-conditioned space. NEVER leave anyone, especially a child or a person in less than good health, or an animal, unattended in a vehicle for even a moment. Even when the outside temperature is in the 80s, let alone the 90s, the temperature inside a parked vehicle in the sun - even with windows "cracked" - can climb to deadly levels in minutes. If you ever have any reason to carry a child in your vehicle, then check to make sure no one is left EVERY time you get out. Make it a habit.

The same factors keeping us hot, humid, and mostly fair to partly cloudy will continue to trend us dry through the work week. Mainly, it’s a strong high-pressure area over the southern US.

The tropical system named Barry this morning has weakened to a tropical depression and is centered over western Arkansas. Its associated rain extends north to nearly St. Louis MO, east beyond Nashville TN and Huntsville AL, and south to New Orleans LA and Galveston TX. The weakening storm continues to move north at a crawl, increasing rain totals through the Lower Mississippi Valley area.

The remnants of Barry will continue to influence our weather today and tomorrow, both dry and hot days in my forecast. As what's left of Barry moves toward the northeastern US it will have less and less effect on our weather. However, the overriding high pressure area will continue to dominate, so expect only gradual day to day change.

Late today and tomorrow, evening, a stray storm or two may wander from New Mexico into the far northwestern viewing area. Not likely, but possible.

Late Wednesday there may be a few storms over the far western viewing area, in the vicinity of the state line.

End of the week there's not much change. Hot and humid. However, with the heat and humidity we may see a lone storm pop up late each day around peak-heating time.

Specifics are in our Hourly and Extended Forecasts here on our Weather Page and in our free KCBD Weather App.

Lubbock's low yesterday was 64°, four degrees below the average low for the date. The high was 91°, two degrees below the average high. The July 14 record low is 55° (1950 and 1990) and the record high 108° (1933). For today, July 15, Lubbock’s average low is 68° and the high 93°. The record low is 58° (1926 and 1932) and the record high 105° (1933, 1937, and 2001).

Today’s sunset in Lubbock is at 8:58 PM CDT. Tomorrow’s sunrise is at 6:48 AM CDT.

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