Missing Levelland woman found safe

Missing Levelland woman found safe
Taylor Phillips

UPDATE: Levelland Police Chief Albert Garcia announced Friday that 25-year-old Taylor Phillips, who was reported missing in May, has been located and is safe, according to the Levelland & Hockley News-Press. Phillips’ sister told police in May that the last time she had spoken with Phillips was in February of this year.

According to jail records from the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office, she is currently in custody after being arrested by the San Angelo Police Department, charged with theft of a firearm.

Taylor Phillips, 25 (Source: Tom Green County Sheriff's Office)
Taylor Phillips, 25 (Source: Tom Green County Sheriff's Office) (Source: Picasa)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Levelland Police and a concerned family are making a plea for public to as they try to find a missing woman from Levelland.

Taylor Breann Phillips is about 5 feet, 4 inches, has blonde or sometimes red hair, and has blue eyes. She was reported missing by her sister in May, who says none of the family has heard from Taylor since February.

“I just keep getting this horrible feeling that something is wrong,” Angelia Dye, Taylor’s sister, said.

Dye grew up in Levelland, but moved to Fort Worth a few years ago. Taylor is her younger sister, and she says they always kept up by phone and on social media.

“She would call me or I would call her," Dye said. "We’d send messages, you know, just to check up and say love you.”

Except one time, Dye said she and Taylor kept missing each other’s calls so Dye messaged her sister on Facebook to set up a time to catch up.

“She sent me a message back and said she got busy and would call me back," Dye said. "I said ‘OK, have a good day, love you’ and she said, ‘I love you more than you’ll ever know.’”

That was on Feb. 6 and Taylor never called. Dye said months went by and Taylor wasn’t reaching out to any family members.

She wasn’t even active on social media. Dye said she thought Taylor wanted space.

When Taylor’s birthday rolled around and she was expected to get some inheritance money that day, her sister thought surely she would hear something, but again nothing.

“I just feel something is wrong and she’s hurt, or she’s in trouble, or somethings wrong,” Dye said.

That’s when Dye decided to get help.

“We’ve reached out to the many family members, close relative friends and stuff like that. That’s pretty much the basis of it because it’s been such a long period of time since she’s been heard from," Sergeant Shawn Wilson of the Levelland Police Department said. “We don’t have a whole lot to go on other than just going out and talking to people and knocking on doors and see if anybody’s ever has had any kind of contact with her since then.”

Now it’s a search to find missing Phillips.

“I hope that she is OK. I hope that she is okay and that she will come back to the family. That’s what I hope,” Dye said.

If you recognize Taylor and know something that might help in this investigation, contact the Levelland Police Department at 806-894-6164.

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