Response to Parkway Wells Fargo closure

KCBD Newschannel 11 at 10 Wells Fargo Closing 7/16/2019

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - After tomorrow, there will not be a bank or lending institution east of I-27 in Lubbock. That's because the Wells Fargo inside of United Supermarkets on Parkway Avenue is closing.

AJ McCleod with East Lubbock Community Alliance said if the community does get a bank again, it will be important for people rally around it in support so that it doesn’t have to close like the Wells Fargo inside United.

“It is about the community banding together and all going and saying hey we’re putting or money in this bank because you took the time to be a part of our community when nobody else did and nobody else will,” McCleod said.

Until that happens, McCleod said people in the community are going to take a tough blow. Especially the elderly and people who rely on public transportation, who will now have to travel out of their community to use a bank or learn how to bank on a different platform.

“How to cash some of those checks and how to do the things that they’re so used to going to that bank. It may not be heavy traffic, but for the people who do use that bank on a regular basis, that’s a tough situation that they’re about to face,” McCleod said.

McCleod said it is crucial for the community to have a bank if they want to see stability or even growth. He said a healthy community is built on four pillars: an educational, financial and medical institution, as well as a grocery store.

“We have one grocery store in east Lubbock, we have zero banks,” McCleod said. “Us losing a banking institution, takes another one of those legs out from under us.”

McCleod said he is hopeful the community can work with City Council to help all people access all things.

“We don’t just want it to be east Lubbock, we want to be a part of Lubbock,” McCleod said.

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