HEALTHWISE: Robotic surgery – safe and steady

HEALTHWISE: Robotic surgery – safe and steady

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - It is not unusual to find a robot helping a surgeon in the operating room these days. But it may come as a shock to you if you are the patient rolling into the O.R.

Dr. Pranav Sharma is a Urologist and Texas Tech Physician who says robots are safe and have been helping surgeons for a long time. However, a lot of patients still do not understand the benefit.

He explains, “The magnification on the robotic camera is unparalleled. It really gives you a 3 dimensional view of the entire surgical field. It also allows you to operate almost like with your entire hand motion unlike with laparoscopic surgery there are more stick movements. Robotic allows you to use your wrists and perform 360° motions with the surgeons hands through the robot much more easier than with laparoscopic surgery.”

Robotic Assisted Surgery is just a fancy form of laparoscopic surgery where the surgeon works right next to the patient by guiding tiny instruments through a console. Some have compared it to a high-tech video game. Dr. sharma says there have even been studies that have shown that medical students who grew up playing video games had an advantage in their surgical training.

Robotic surgery is not exclusive to men or women. Dr. Sharma says either can benefit from a variety of surgical needs. But more commonly, men use the robot in surgery for prostate removal while women use it commonly for any sort of reconstructive surgery or prolapse repair. Dr. Sharma says it is also interesting to note that as technology develops even further, newer robots are getting smaller and smaller and even allow for smaller incisions.

Dr. Pranav Sharma shares much more about robotic surgery in the video attached.

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