Lubbock Mediocre Golf Association: Embracing fun & lack of talent

Lubbock Mediocre Golf Association embracing fun, lack of talent

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - "It's going to be really good or really bad," Chapter leader Jake Owens said. "Oh, choice B."

Here in the Hub-City, there is a Golf Chapter for any ordinary player, and it's called the Mediocre Golf Association.

"I mean, it is serious business," Owens said. "The only thing we take serious is the rules."

In this league, players boast about bogeys, and topped tea offs are a triumph.

"We play everything down; every stroke is counted, and we putt everything out. So, it makes for a long round," Owens said.

After the sixth hole, KCBD Sports asked Owens "what is the average score per hole?"

He responded, "I would say about seven. Sean already had to take 10 on one hole, it was our mercy hole. I would show you our scorecard but it looks like a crime scene photograph."

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Have you heard of the Mediocre Golf Association? Well, the MGA is a nation-wide organization, and there is a chapter here in Lubbock. Tune into KCBD NewsChannel 11 at 6 and 10 to hear from these "kinda alright" golfers. #KCBDSports

Posted by Devin Ward KCBD on Saturday, July 20, 2019

During the interview, Jake Owens said, "So, these quote good golf friends of ours don't like playing with us, and that is because they are playing with a bunch of hacks, where you know a double-bogey is decent, yeah we will go with that."

There are nearly 100 chapters that have opened across the states and even the world, wherein this league, good play is not rewarded.

"Devin, it is very serious business around here, is what we do," Chapter leader Jake Owens said. "The only thing we take serious is our golf and our drinking. We got about 40-guys in our group and about 20 guys will play about once a month and it's a great time."

And, when you finally feel like you are "kind of alright', you win the purse that is a dollar and 18 cents, and even a trophy, and when November rolls around, the MGA will host their world championships in Vegas – where team Lubbock is guaranteeing a win.

“I don’t know who I need to talk to- if it’s Mayor Pope or the City Council,” Chapter leader Jake Owens said. “But, once we win this tournament, and we will win in Vegas. How do we do the parade downtown or who orchestrates that? But we will bring home the belt, and it is a big WWE style belt. That is the trophy and it will stay in Lubbock. So, Lubbock or leave it.”

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