Abandoned building transformed into a place to make memories

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PLAINS, Texas (KCBD) - There is an abandoned building that has sat in Plains for the past 62 years. The building was built right after Plains State Bank was established in 1957.

The building was built by the bank with good intentions, but it was never used for more than storage. Over the year, the building became visibly dilapidated.

“It really, really became and eyesore. It needed attention,” said Larry Mason, President of the West Texas area Plains State Bank.

Plain's event center was just used for storage.
Plain's event center was just used for storage. (Source: Teresa Howard)

There was talk of just getting rid of the building and demolishing it, but Mason and his colleagues wanted to possibly use this building to preserve some of the heritage and traditions of Plains. “My vice president, Teresa Howard, came up with the idea of possibly converting the building into some type of event center that the community could use.”

Renovations for the building began in January of 2019.

Plain's event center will be available for anyone to use for free starting end of July.
Plain's event center will be available for anyone to use for free starting end of July. (Source: Amanda Ruiz)

“We cleaned it all out, and then we all of a sudden had all this square footage so we were able to expand our original idea,” said Teresa Howard, VP and Branch Manager for Plains State Bank.

Its been seven months since renovations began, and Howard says the building is unrecognizable. The new and improved building is modern and each wall tells a story of Plains.

“Nearly every picture you see on the wall is something in Yoakum County, taken by local residents,” said Howard.

While finishing touches still need to be added to the new space, the building is already a favorite addition from Plains residents because people are already trying to reserve it.

The event center will soon hold parties up to 60 people to celebrate any occasion.

“It's really meant to be used for like a tea party when your granddaughter turns five, the 50th wedding anniversary of your parents, or when you have a friend turns 40. Its certainly made for things like that,” said Howard.

A building in Plains made for the people of Plains.

“In small towns like this it is the little things that turn in to big things, and this is a little thing that we can do for the community that is turning out to be huge,” said Mason.

The event center does not have an official name yet, but it will be expected to be finished by the end of July 2019. The event center will be free, but there will be a cleaning fee people need to pay after each use. To make reservations, call Teresa Howard at (806) 456-2022.

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