Petersburg woman walks hundreds of miles to fight cancer

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PETERSBURG, Texas (KCBD) - It was the talk of the town in Petersburg when Mrs. Horn, a High School English teacher, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, but what she did three years later made the paper.

On paper, the headline was: Nancy Horn Commits to 60-mile, 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer.

In real life, that meant thousands of steps and months of preparation on country roads outside Petersburg.

Sitting at her kitchen table, she pointed to a picture of a foot with a terrible sore on the heel.

She said, “You see that big blister on that girl’s foot? That’s what happens if you don’t train well. I wore a hole in the bottom of my shoes just getting ready to walk because you’ve got to walk hundreds of miles in order to prepare to walk just 60.”

Nancy is talking about a three-day challenge, a 60-mile walk to raise money for Susan G. Komen in the fight against breast cancer. Nancy has completed that walk in Dallas five times. That’s 300 miles with a group of women who have become lifelong friends.

Nancy says this about their journey together, "You use porta potties every day for three days straight and you sleep in little pink tents and you carry everything in one bag. It’s pretty tedious.”

Even so, Nancy hopes to do it again, maybe next year. For now, she walks to keep fit, with cancer.

She explains, “So for the last four years, I’ve been battling it for the second time around.”

Nancy takes two chemo pills every morning. But she is determined to get back into the race

She’s motivated by a room full of encouragement provided by family, friends and students. The many cards, photographs, and well wishes are more valuable to her than anything she will bring home after the next grueling three-day walk.

She says, “I’ve seen some ladies fall down when they cross the finish line. But really, most everybody is rejuvenated because when you cross the line, they give you a pink rose and a t-shirt. That’s what you get for walking 60 miles. No medals.” She laughs.

The slogan for the three-day walk is 3 Days. 60 Miles. Not as Hard as Breast Cancer.

When Nancy beats cancer again, we’ll add to this story. 3 Days, 60 miles, for her 6th time.

Good luck Nancy!

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