415 kids arrested by LPD in the past 5 months

415 kids arrested by LPD in the past 5 months
Lubbock police (Source: KCBD Staff)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - There have been 415 kids that have been arrested by the Lubbock Police Department just in the past five months. KCBD has reported on several juvenile arrests for various crimes including police chases, burglaries, and murder but LPD investigators with the juvenile section for crimes against children say kids can end up in the detention center for a lot of different reasons. They want to get across to kids that the decisions you make before you turn 18, could haunt you for the rest of your life.

“They need to know that there's better choices out there, and that sometimes these actions, these crowds, the people they hang out with, could cause a severe bump in the road for their future,” said Investigator Olivia Boggs.

Boggs works in the juvenile section for Crimes Against Children. She’s seen firsthand how kids can get in trouble with the law. “I don’t think that they really, truly understand the long term effects of some of the choices that they make. When you’re wrapped up in a murder, maybe you’re not the one that did it, but you were there are you saw it or you knew about it, you know, those cases don’t ever go away.”

Boggs says kids aren’t always wrapped up in the high profile cases like murder. The majority of them are arrested for other crimes. “A lot of it is just the curfew, theft, and criminal mischief. It just varies what kids are doing.”

Just in the past five months, LPD has arrested 415 kids for various crimes. In February, 49 kids were arrested, March was 71, April was 98, May was 89, June was 66, and July was 42.

Regardless of what the crime is, Boggs says the goal is to help these kids make better decisions. “It does upset me because I wish there was a way that we could teach them, you know, look, this could really affect your future.”

There are many programs offered to kids who are arrested so they don’t end up on the same path including a juvenile offender program and a first offender program.

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