District 83 Democratic Candidate Addison Perry-Franks, Lubbock Co. Democrats want to hear from Rep. Burrows

District 83 Democratic Candidate Addison Perry-Franks, Lubbock Co. Democrats want to hear from Rep. Burrows
Democratic candidate Addison Perry-Franks is asking Rep. Burrows to speak out on allegations (Source: Addison Perry-Franks for Texas Facebook page)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Snyder businesswoman and Democratic candidate for District 83, Addison Perry-Franks issued a statement, asking for Representative Dustin Burrows to make a public statement regarding accusations by Austin conservative activist and CEO of Empower Texans, Michael Quinn Sullivan.

Sullivan claims to hold a recording of a meeting with Rep. Burrows and House Speaker Dennis Bonnen, in which he says he was offered media credentials for access to the House floor, in exchange for politically targeting a list of Republicans in the 2020 elections. Bonnen has spoken out, confirming the meeting and Rep. Burrows’ presence there, but denying the claims of Sullivan regarding the list and demanding a release of the recording.

Representative Burrows has not offered a public statement yet.

A few members of state legislature have said they have heard parts of the recording. In her statement, Perry-Franks says in her statement she is in the process of requesting a meeting next week to listen to the recording.

In the release, Perry-Franks says, “While we as the public cannot believe which story is true, and most do not want to believe that these accusations from Sullivan are true, the people of Texas want to hear from Mr. Burrows, so they may have his side of the story.”

Perry-Franks announced her candidacy for House District 83 with the Democratic Party on July 1, challenging incumbent Dustin Burrows.

The candidate will be holding a press conference on Monday, August 5 in front of the Lubbock County Courthouse Gazebo to address the situation and ask rep. Burrows to make a public statement.

The Lubbock County Democratic Party issued a statement Friday regarding Sullivan’s allegations and the silence from Representative Burrows:

“While we want Michael Q. Sullivan to release the recording and provide transparency to his allegations, his contentions have been verified by others who claim to have heard the recording. Who we have not heard from is our own Rep. Burrows. Representative Burrows needs to address these allegations in a public forum with members of the press present.”

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