Lubbock-Cooper ISD approves an 8.08% average teacher pay raise

KCBD Newschannel 11 at 10 8/2/2019 LCISD teacher raises

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Texas Legislature passed a finance bill earlier this year that will give teachers a pretty noticeable pay raise. Now, local school districts are taking advantage of it before the new school year begins. Texas Schools will give teachers with five years or less experience a more than 5% raise while teachers with six years or more will get a more than 8% pay raise.

Lubbock-Cooper ISD is one of the schools that has already implemented the raise. LCISD’s Board of Trustees approved the new state issued teacher salary earlier this week. something Superintendent Keith Bryant says is well deserved for these educators. “We are very, very excited for our teachers. When I heard that House Bill Three was passed and signed by the governor, we worked pretty hard on it all session to make sure the salary increase happened.”

Bryant says he, along with other officials with the district, worked at it to make sure their teachers had the pay raise before the beginning of the new school year. “We wanted to make sure we followed all the requirements of House Bill Three so we took a little bit longer to make sure we did everything correctly, but wanted it in place so that when teachers come back on Monday, that we can celebrate with them the new salaries.”

The pay increase will vary for Texas teachers, including Lubbock-Cooper ISD teachers. Bryant says teacher with less than five years of experience will get about a 5.68% raise while teachers with six years and above experience will be getting an 8.71% increase. Something Bryant says is well deserved. “I think we can all think of really good teachers that we had, and the price tag, the value that they have on our lives can’t be measured in money. Teachers don’t really do it for the money, but it’s really prudent for a society to acknowledge their value through a good salary. We’re excited that the legislature has done this.”

The starting salary for a Lubbock-Cooper ISD teacher is now $40,000.

Brownfield ISD has also approved teacher pay raises.

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