9-year-old Local Gymnast wins National Championship

9-year-old Local Gymnast wins National Championship
9-year-old Local Gymnast wins National Championship (Source: KCBD Staff)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - "Vashynae has been with us for a couple of years, and is a phenom talent," Air Xtreme owner Brad Davis said. "She performed really well in Florida."

For the last two years, 9-year-old Vashynae "Shugg" Baucham has fallen in love with the process, and the results have started to come.

During our interview with Vashynae, we asked her how cool is it that she is a National Champion? She responded with a smile, "Very cool."

Back in late July, the best gymnasts from the nation gathered in West Palm Beach, Florida, for the 2019 Stars & Stripes Championships.

"There was a bunch of people," Baucham said. "Those girls were tough to go against."

The competition was fierce, but Lubbock's-own Vashynae Baucham shined above the rest.

"Her fast-twitch and her speed is far way and above somebody that is nine-years-old," Davis said. "And, that is why she can go and compete against 30 or 40 kids at the National Championships and come away with a first place in tumbling."

During our interview with Baucham, she was showing us her medals, " This is first overall for the floor. This is second overall for double mini."

Which one is she most proud of? She responds, "This one. Because it was my first time to get a gold medal."

But, nine-year-old Vashynae, she doesn't want this to be her last gold medal.

She has dreams of competing at the Olympic stage, and she already knows what she has to do to get there.

"I have to squeeze tighter, to practice harder, and to practice more," Baucham said.

On top of the two medals Baucham won at the 2019 Stars & Stripes Championships, she also won the following ribbons.

- 1st place on Floor

- 1st on Double Mini

- 5th on Trampoline

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