School safety traffic tips from officials for kids and parents to know

Updated: Aug. 6, 2019 at 6:35 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - School is around the corner and now officials are saying that kids and adults should have conversations on how to stay safe near school in regards to traffic.

Frenship ISD’s Chief of Police, Roy Bassett, says one of the biggest safety tips is to use a crosswalk.

“If the lights are flashing yellow, that means that someone has activated the system and it’s going to be changing. If it’s a solid yellow, that means that you’ve got just a few seconds before it changes to red,” said Bassett.

Chief Bassett added that when it’s red, you must stop. When you see flashing red, you must stop, but if you don’t see anyone on the crosswalk, that’s when you can proceed.

Chief Bassett is also asking parents to talk to their kids.

“Let kids know the rules of the road. If there’s crosswalk present, they need to be in the path if it’s present,” said Bassett.

He wants to also remind the public of not using cell phones in school zones.

"Cell phones are the biggest distraction. The law is you cannot be on your phone in anyway, if you’re in a school zone during school hours, “said Bassett.

Tim Seeley with Lubbock Police echoed the ‘get off your cellphone’ tip in school zones saying, “The use of a cell phone or electronic device within a school zone is illegal.”

He’s also asking everyone to be aware of the stop signs on school buses, saying the do affect everyone and that if you are behind a bus with a stop sign, you must stop.

“Even if it’s a multi-lane road, they’re still required to stop on the other side, unless you have a dividing concrete barrier,” said Seeley.

Lubbock Police Chief Jody Scifres is asking parents to always be aware of where you’re driving and dropping off your kids.

“Here at Ramirez... next year, in the alley, it’s going to be going to be one-way, which is this way,” said Chief Scifres pointing to the alley. "Where in years past, that was the bus drop off. So, we’re always trying to find ways to make it smoother and more safe.”

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