Texas peanut producers give tour about peanut crops in West Texas

Updated: Aug. 6, 2019 at 6:03 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - When you think of West Texas agriculture, you might think of cotton, or even vineyards for wine. But did you know that Texas is the second largest peanut growing state in the nation?

Texas Peanut Producers took a group of bloggers, magazine editors and national TV personalities on a tour of West Texas to find out more about peanut farming. This is the fourth year for the tour in Lubbock and through West Texas- highlighting another Texas agriculture crop- peanuts.

“The Texas Peanut Producers board invited us out as they do an annual summit for food bloggers, influencers, foodwriters , etc. so that we can have a better understanding of where peanuts come from; the whole process from beginning to the time we purchase them in the store and then use them in our recipes,” said Ramona Cruz-Peters, a blogger with Fab Everyday.

Tiffany Harelik is an Independent Author and Publisher for tiffanyharelik.com. She said, “We were learning about crop rotation this morning. Of course, that’s a big one for family, farmers and corporate farmers. So that’s been super interesting. Picking up the peanuts, talking about plant based nutrition is very exciting for me. So we’ve just had a great time.”

Josh Kilmer-Purcell & Brent Ridge are the owners of Beekman 1802 Company, but you may know them as the season 21 winners of the Amazing Race TV show. They also have their own TV show called, The Fabulous Beekman Boys.

“I think people don’t realize how big Texas is in the peanut industry,” said Kilmer-Purcell, “And the fact that it’s the only place where they grow all four varieties of peanuts, and it’s the only place that’s growing organic, and that’s on a big scale. So I mean, we just want to bring more attention to it.”

Along with the tour and learning about peanuts, the group is learning more about Lubbock and West Texas.

“I just love that the Texas Peanut Board has not only celebrated the peanuts but has really exposed us to so many of the different agricultural products in Texas. Because coming from a rural agricultural community and upstate New York, we realize how important that is to not only celebrate the farms, but really help support the farms.”

“And encourage farms working together,” Kilmer-Purcell added, “I mean, an agricultural industry as a whole. That’s, that’s the way the farmers are going to advance, create new ways of doing business and create new markets for themselves.”

Each person is working on their own projects that will be published soon using what they learned in West Texas.

You can find more information on each person below:

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