Lubbock-Cooper ISD providing iPads for all 7,000 students this year

Lubbock-Cooper providing iPads for all students

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock-Cooper is getting technology in the hands by of kids by issuing iPads to all 7,000 of the district’s students.

“We spent a year researching what type of tool what kind of we wanted to put in the hands of kids," said Keith Bryant, Superintendent of the Lubbock-Cooper school district.

Bryant said the iPad was the best option.

“What we figured out doing research and looking at studies and all that - kids today are digital natives. They’re used to having technology in their hands.”

Students in Kindergarten through 12th grade will get tablets, but only kids in middle school and above will be able to take them home.

The District started to incorporate iPads in their classrooms over the last four years, but not on this scale.

Brittany Wright is a Lubbock-Cooper High School marketing teacher. She says students in her class have always had iPads.

“I love iClips. iClips is a movie creation app. It provides the opportunity for them to integrate some cool little features and changing fonts and adding texts and those are the things we would use for social media," Wright said. “It’s a way for us to work through virtual business - a business game-like situation. As we’ve progressed, I’ve found a lot of options for us to use creativity to show learning."

Keynote and GarageBand are other apps her class uses to make in-class presentations and podcasts. She says that technology has advanced so much in her lifetime, which is why she cannot imagine what it’s going to be like for students in the future.

“We have to evolve with them and better prepare them for those opportunities because the jobs that we have now will not be here whenever it’s their turn to go into the workforce,” Wright said.

Bryant believes textbooks are still important, but iPads will boost the learning experience.

Bryant added the school district has expanded their information technology department over the past couple of years and believes they have enough hands on deck to handle any iPad issues.

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