Lubbock ISD considers arming teachers

KCBD Newschannel 11 at 10 8/8/2019 LISD arming teachers

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock Independent School District officials discussed the possibility of arming teachers on Thursday, following in the footsteps of other districts that have already done it.

The director of school safety presented two options during a school board meeting workshop, but so far this is just a topic of discussion. While Lubbock ISD is considering whether or not it will arm teachers for safety reasons, several districts around West Texas have already start doing it. Trinity Christian started their program three years ago.

“Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where there are bad people out there who want to do bad things to good people, so we want to be prepared for that,” said Executive Pastor JD Small.

Trinity Christian Church and School have put a security plan in place to protect their students, a plan that includes armed officers.

“Our organization is registered to DPS. It’s a private security company, so our officers are level three and level four certified security officers. They’re personal protective officers, that’s the level four certification. Level three certification is a uniformed firearm carrying officer,” Small said.

The safety plan also includes armed teachers. Small says not every teacher carries and the approval process is heavily regulated.

“Teachers actually have to go through an extensive background check process with us. They have to go through extensive firearm training with us and we have to see them on the range. We actually re-certify them and re-go through the license to carry Texas course.”

Small says it’s an extensive process and only a handful of teachers meet the requirements.

By combining armed teachers with law enforcement officers on campus, Trinity Christian says it’s prepared to respond to any issue whether it be risk management, a gas leak, or worst case scenario, an active threat.

“If we need them, at a moment’s notice, they’re on our property and they’re our best line of defense.”

As for other districts, like Lubbock ISD, considering these types of safety measures, Small is says it’s one of the best decisions Trinity Christian made.

“You don’t ever want to get to that situation and go, man, I wish we would have had a plan. I’d rather have a plan in place, have it on the books, and train it over and over and over again and never need it than get to the day where I needed to have a plan on how to take care of the people I love and not have a plan.”

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