Frenship ISD introduces new curriculum to build character and leadership

KCBD Evening Newscast 6 p.m. Frenship ISD Curriculum 8/12/2019

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A new school year can often mean new curriculum. Frenship ISD is implementing new curriculum this year, but it is not academic.

On top of knowing math, science and social studies, Frenship ISD wants their students to have good character.

The new curriculum is called the Frenship Way. The acronym SERVE encourages students to smile, engage, respect, volunteer and encourage. One topic will be covered each six weeks.

Dr. Michelle McCord, superintendent of Frenship ISD, said although the curriculum is new, the beliefs upon which they are aligned are not.

“We spend a lot of time talking about maybe what you want to be when you grow up, do you want to be an engineer or a doctor or a nurse or a teacher,” Dr. McCord said, “but I think sometimes what gets left behind and what’s critically important is what kind of person do you want to become?”

Dr. McCord said the curriculum is based off of shared beliefs developed together with students, parents and teachers.

Sara Simpson, a second-grade teacher at Oak Ridge Elementary in Frenship ISD, said the curriculum will be presented like a conversation.

“The lessons really talk about the why behind each part of the serve model, and it also talks about what does that look like practically, what does that sound like?” Simpson said.

Simpson says the Frenship way is not a 30-minute piece of curriculum that is touched on once, but what it truly means to be a Frenship tiger.

Their hope is to send out the best of the best- citizens who are able to serve their community well.

“If you’re hearing this from the time you’re in Pre-K and you’re four until you’re a senior in high school it will become who you are," Simpson said.

She said it does not matter what you are in the future, it is who you are that matters the most.

“Are you a person of integrity, are you a person who is kind and if someone asks you to walk a mile with them, go a second mile with them,” Dr. McCord said.

The Frenship Way curriculum will be implemented in every grade on every campus beginning this school year.

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