Lubbock County Commissioner’s Court unanimously proposes to keep current tax rate

Vote to take place Sept. 9

Lubbock County Commissioner’s Court unanimously proposes to keep current tax rate
(Source: KCBD NewsChannel 11)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Lubbock Commissioner’s Court unanimously proposed a tax rate that will increase the amount of taxes paid on the average home by about $13.

The county proposed to collect more taxes next year, most of which is funded through appraisal increases and new property growth.

County Judge Curtis Parrish said that the rate they’re looking at is .348086 per one hundred dollar valuation.

“There are things that are important to a vitally important growing county and that is our Sheriff’s department, some of our personnel, our capital improvement projects-as well as reestablishing and rebuilding our reserve fund, which is low," Parrish said.

By keeping “the current tax rate”, taxes could go up, he said.

“Based on $150,000 for the average home in Lubbock County, based on us adopting the current tax rate, it’s likely to increase by $13,” Parrish said.

Right now reserves are low and the current tax rate will help replenish them. Those reserves go towards big projects like reconstructing county roads, emergency situations or voting machines Lubbock uses.

Chad Seay, county commissioner for Precinct 4, said he wants to see a rate lower than the current tax rate. He campaigned keeping the effective tax rate, but said he knows revenues from the current tax rate will go towards getting more Sheriff’s deputies.

"We have five patrol deputies at any-one given time. I’ve been taking a poll of people and a lot of people think that we have 20-25 deputies out on patrol and we only have five,” Seay said. “I’m fighting for the Sheriff.”

On Aug. 26 and Sept. 3, The commissioners court will hold public hearings to give the public the chance to voice their thoughts about adopting the current tax.

The vote will take place on Sept. 9.

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