Pay It Forward: A donation for the Askins family

Pay It Forward: A donation for the Askins family

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - For the last four years and 14 foster children, the Askins family has been doing their part to help children grow and find a place filled with love in the Lubbock area.

So it was only natural that a family member nominate the family for this week’s Pay It Forward.

For the Askins family, you don’t have to be there since the start of life to be loved for the rest of your life.

“Really, it’s no different than raising your own kids, I mean yes there are some deeper wounds that need a little more love and need a lot more attention,” Jerry Askins said. “But if you’re willing to stick it out, then the payoff for them is huge.”

And because of the Askins family’s effort to give back to the community and to children, WesTex Federal Credit Union and NewsChannel 11 provided the couple with a monetary donation.

The hope is the donation will go to help the family continue in fostering and adopting children from the area. So far the Askins have adopted three children and come November that number should bump up to six.

“Biological parents are thankful for foster parents that are standing in the gap and holding the rope for them," Danielle Askins said. "And like hoping and praying that they are doing what they need to do to be able to have their babies come home.”

For those who would like to nominate someone for Pay It Forward, they can fill out the form at

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