Pay It Forward: Helping fill Lubbock-Cooper East’s Pirate Pantry

Pay It Forward: Helping fill Lubbock-Cooper East's Pirate Pantry

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - In an effort to make sure the students of its school district do not have to go without, Lubbock-Cooper ISD has something called a Pirate Pantry, which provides its students with essentials they may not have access to at home.

To make sure the start of this school year starts off well, WesTex Federal Credit Union and KCBD NewsChannel 11 donated to the the Pirate Pantry in Lubbock-Cooper East Elementary School, at 13502 University Ave.

“You just never know, from day-to-day,what student or family may be in need," Charnese Perez, community and schools coordinator for East Elementary said. "I can meet a family and find out just from having a conversation with them all of the things that they are in need of and be able to provide that for them.”​

The program, which Perez is in charge of, serves all eight campuses within the Lubbock-Cooper school district. Donations from community members are accepted and this program operates through donations from community leaders and businesses, and more recently a grant from First United Bank.

So KCBD and WesTex stopped by East to make sure its pantry was stocked full of snacks.

“(People) can, whenever they’re at Sam’s or Costco...just throw an extra one in your basket," Vicki Love, with WesTex, said. "You have no idea how many children that might help.” ​

A list of people who can be contacted who are liaisons for the Pirate Pantry program can be found here.

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