Alleged Midland-Odessa gunman fired from job on day of rampage

Alleged Midland-Odessa gunman fired from job on day of rampage
Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke at Sunday afternoon news conference (Source: KOSA Video)

ODESSA, Texas (KCBD) - National and local law enforcement officials hosted a news conference at 2 p.m. Monday, Sept. 2, and provided an update on the weekend shooting in Midland-Odessa that left 8 people dead and more than 20 others injured.

Those providing the update were with the Odessa Police Department, FBI, United State Postal Inspection Service and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

During this time police are expected to provide more details on the 36-year-old gunman, Seth Aaron Ator of Odessa, who killed seven people during a shooting rampage on Saturday. The gunman was killed by police.

Odessa PD’s Police Chief, Michael Gerke, said the gunman was at his place of employment that morning and was later fired. After he was fired, the gunman also called police on his employer and complained about his firing.

An investigation also found the gunman called a national tip line about 15-20 minutes before the attack. While on the phone authorities said he only rambled on about complaints but did not give any threats.

Authorities said the shooter was arrested in 2001 for a misdemeanor offense and acted alone in carrying out this attack.

Those killed range in age from 15-to-57-years old, according to The Associated Press. The youngest of those injured,17-month-old Anderson Davis, was flown to Lubbock’s University Medical Center for facial and chest injuries. She has since returned home.

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