52 arrested in Lubbock County during sex offender compliance check

52 arrested in Lubbock County during sex offender compliance check
(Source: WAFB)

LUBBOCK, Texas (NEWS RELEASE) - A four day operation focused on sex offender compliance and outstanding felony warrants ended last Thursday with more than 52 local arrests within Lubbock County.

More than 30 investigations were generated for sex offenders who were found to be non-compliant, many of which resulted in an on-view arrest. In addition to arrest warrants issued for registration violations, the 52 arrests also included suspects who had outstanding warrants related to sexual crimes such as murder, sexual assault or indecency with a child.

From August 26th to August 29th, 3 federal agents, 60 state and local sworn law enforcement personnel along with LPD and LSO’s Sex Offender Compliance Registrars participated in the extensive operation.

Law enforcement personnel from the participating agencies made contact with more than 450 registered sex offenders in Lubbock County to check their compliance with state laws.

More arrests are forthcoming as a result of this week’s operation. This four day joint operation is an example of the dedicated partnership between local, state and federal agencies to ensure local convicted sex offenders are complying with the required restrictions.

The successful multi-agency enforcement included joint efforts by the United States Marshals Service- North Texas Fugitive Task Force, Lubbock Police Department, Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office, the Criminal Investigations Division of Texas Department of Public Safety, Buffalo Springs Lake Police Department and Homeland Security Investigations.

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