Mayor says preparing for emergencies is a team effort

KCBD Late Newscast 9/5 Lubbock emergency shooting response plan 9/05/2019

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - City officials and Lubbock law enforcement say they plan and train for emergencies every day, including active shooter situations. Mayor Dan Pope says what happened in Odessa is not a wake up call, but a reminder.

"Public safety is job one so our role is to make sure that we have a well-funded, well trained, and flexible response to any situation that we might encounter,” Mayor Pope said.

It’s a team effort between the city and law enforcement to make sure they are prepared for any situation that comes their way, whether that is a snow storm, a major crash blocking traffic or an active shooter situation, the city says it is prepared.

“Not a day goes by that we’re not preparing. However, these instances, there’s a different flavor every time, and that’s why you’re trained to respond,” Mayor Pope said.

City Manager Jarrett Atkinson, Mayor Dan Pope, and Lubbock Chief of Police Jerry Brewer talk safety.
City Manager Jarrett Atkinson, Mayor Dan Pope, and Lubbock Chief of Police Jerry Brewer talk safety. (Source: Caleb Holder KCBD)

Pope, along with City Manager Jarrett Atkinson and Interim Lubbock Police Chief Jerry Brewer, shared some of the techniques they use to plan for the worst. They say city officials and law enforcement conduct table top exercises simulating different events to help them prepare for anything that comes their way.

“The point is we work on this and we work on the communication amongst the agencies because we realize if there’s an event like what happened in Odessa, it’s all about the reaction and the communication, things that we have in place already, so that if we have a massive event, we know it’s just a phone call, and everybody’s coming in, they know what they’re supposed to do,” Chief Brewer said.

City Manager Atkinson says Lubbock Alerts will be the go-to platform to keep citizens informed, followed by other alerting systems sent directly to your phone.

“When these events start, if one were to occur, we may not have much, but we will put out what we have and we will continue to follow that with true verified information,” Atkinson said.

The mayor says the public needs to be on the same page, too.

“We need all citizens with their eyes open. If they see things that don’t make sense, erratic behavior, whatever it may be, let them know, let us know. okay, we are in this together,” Pope said.

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