Weekend heat, next week rain

KCBD Weather at 6 for Sept. 6

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - What can I say that I haven't already said about the weekend heat and next week's heat-relief and rain outlook. Not much, except - the cool-down is looking a little more substantial and the increase in rain chances more encouraging. My day-by-day breakdown follows.

Today mostly sunny with a slightly breezy and hot afternoon. Rain will not interfere with any of the many scheduled activities, such as the Cowboy Symposium, Friday Night Football and the First Friday Art Trail. Forecast hint: Details in the video alongside this story.

Game Day, tomorrow, will be mostly sunny with a slightly breezy and hot afternoon. Remember: Lots of water, sunscreen, and schedule strenuous activity for early morning or evening. Forecast hint: Details in the video alongside this story.

More sun than clouds with a light breeze and comfortable temperatures early this morning followed by a slight breeze and more heat this afternoon. The hint of a change, which I mentioned yesterday, is looking more likely. Including our best chance of rain in weeks.

Sunday brings the first hint of the change which I've talked about all week. The afternoon again will be slightly breezy and hot, but by late in the day we'll see a little more cloud cover. That's followed by a slight chance of storms late Sunday over the western KCBD viewing area. Sunday night, if the mentioned storms materialize, they may make it to Lubbock.

Next week the strong high-pressure area, which I've mentioned in previous day's posts here, is "knocked down". It will weaken and re-center to the east or southeast of us. This will bring cooler temperatures and a wind pattern favorable for transporting moisture into eastern New Mexico and West Texas.

My cooler and wetter forecast is based on this. You can view the details now in our 10-Day Forecast here on our Weather Page. Close this story, scroll down just a bit, check the location, and select “10-Day”. See where Dorian is now and is expected to track using the Tropical layer in the Interactive Radar here on our Weather Page and in our free KCBD Weather App.

Lubbock's high yesterday was 92°, four degrees above the average for the date. Lubbock's low this morning (as of this writing) was 63°, one degree above the average for the date. The September 5 record low is 46° (1961) and the record high 102° (2000). For today, September 6, Lubbock’s average low is 62° and the high 87°. The record low is 51° (1918) and the record high 103° (1948).

Today’s sunset in Lubbock is at 8:06 PM CDT. Tomorrow’s sunrise is at 7:25 AM CDT.

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