END ZONE: Local teams ranked in State Rankings

END ZONE: Local teams ranked in State Rankings
The End Zone (Source: KCBD Staff)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Week two of the End Zone is in the books, now our 75 area teams are turning their focus onto their week three opponent.

With the new week upon us, there are new state rankings.

So, here are our local teams in the Dave Campbell’s state rankings heading into week three.

  • 5A Division II: No. 7 Lubbock Cooper Pirates (2-0)
  • 4A Division II: No. 6 Estacado Matadors (2-0)
  • 3A Division II: No. 4 Abernathy Antelopes (2-0)
  • 2A Division I: No. 7 New Deal Lions (2-0)
  • 1A Division 1: No. 7 Borden County Coyotes (2-0), No. 9 Ira Bulldogs (2-0), No. 10 Paducah Dragons (1-1)
  • 1A Division II: No. 1 Jayton Jaybirds (2-0), No. 5 Motley County Matadors (2-0)

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