Flooding rain possible

Severe weather - damaging wind, hail, tornadoes - is not expected but flooding is possible

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Rain and storms arrived just about on schedule late yesterday, and more are expected. Some spots have already received significant rainfall, and more is likely. Most of the KCBD viewing area will be cooler, but not all. At least not yet.

While there may be a lull in storms and rain late this morning through early afternoon, activity is expected to increase late this afternoon through this evening. Some heavy rain has fallen in the area, and additional heavy rain is anticipated. That said, some areas may remain dry, mainly the Low Rolling Plains. The day overall will be mostly cloudy and breezy. Gusts near 35 mph (plus/minus 5 or so mph) will be possible, mainly near showers.

The rain, clouds, and shifting-to-the-east-high-pressure will result in cooler days on the South Plains with highs in the 80s, though afternoon heat will return on the Low Rolling Plains (the area east of the Caprock, the eastern KCBD viewing area) with highs in the 90s.

A few areas have already recorded from one to two inches of rainfall and additional similar amounts are likely. Severe weather - damaging wind, hail and tornadoes - is not expected but local flooding is possible. The raw material for heavy rain is, and will be, present as the air is very moist.

Track the storms and rain using our Interactive Radar here on our Weather Page, and in our free KCBD First Alert Weather App (search for it in your respective app store). Set our Weather App to "Follow Me" and it will alert you if a warning is issued for your location - even if the app is not running.

If you hear thunder or see lightning it's time to be inside - a building, a home, even a vehicle. When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors.

Avoid driving into flood water. If you encounter water covering a road - Turn Around, Don't Drown.

Frost?! Well, not here. But Frost Advisories are in effect for northwestern Maine and the higher elevations of northeastern Nevada. Typically, the viewing area doesn't experience frost until early to mid-October over the far northwestern viewing area and mid to late October around Lubbock. The average date of Lubbock's first freeze in Autumn is October 31 - Halloween.

Lubbock's high yesterday was 94°, seven degrees above the average for the date. Lubbock's low this morning (as of this writing) was 68°, also seven degrees above the average for the date. The September 8 record low is 47° (2004) and the record high 97° (1915, 1922, and 1985). For today, September 9, Lubbock’s average low is 61° and the high 87°. The record low is 47° (1956) and the record high 99° (1984).

Today’s sunset in Lubbock is at 8:02 PM CDT. Tomorrow’s sunrise is at 7:27 AM CDT.

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