Consider This: Private Gun Sales Need to Require a Background Check

GF Default - KCBD Consider This 9/03/2019
GF Default - KCBD Consider This 9/03/2019
Updated: Sep. 10, 2019 at 4:59 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - When the FBI says you can’t buy a gun, they usually have a good reason.

In the case of the odessa shootings, a background check revealed the gunman had a “serious mental issue” and was subsequently prevented from buying a gun from a licensed dealer.

But Texas, like 29 other states, doesn’t require background checks for private sales.

So right now, if I buy a gun from a licensed dealer, I must agree to a background screening. That is *not* the case if i buy a gun from a private party.

No background check required.

And, according to news reports, that’s exactly how the Odessa gunman acquired the AR-15 rifle he used to shoot 32 people, killing 7 of them.

Now there is serious talk in Washington about requiring universal background checks that would effectively close this deadly loop hole.

Consider this: I say get it done!

The same safegaurds that are in place for licensed gun dealers should absolutely apply to unregulated private sales.

Elected officials must act now and require background checks on the sale of all privately sold firearms. It won’t prevent *all* violence, but it is absolutely necessary if it prevents *any* violence at all.

It’s a reality that, often times, tragedy breeds change. and sadly, the world we live in calls for change here.

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