Daybreak Today Tuesday Morning Brief

Crew members rescued from capsized cargo ship in Georgia, North Korea launches 2 projectiles and rescuers continue work after hurricane ravages Bahamas

Daybreak Today Tuesday Morning Brief
Daybreak Today

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On Daybreak Today, all four crew members stuck on a disabled cargo ship off the coast of Georgia have been rescued.

North Korea launched at least two unidentified projectiles toward the sea today.

  • This, hours after it offered to resume nuclear diplomacy with the United States but warned its dealings with Washington may end without new U.S. proposals.
  • North Korea is widely believed to want the United States to provide it with security guarantees and extensive relief from the U.S.-led sactions in return for limited denuclearized steps.
  • That story will be updated on the KCBD website later today.

Rescue workers wearing white hazard suits continue to search for bodies and survivors in the hurricane-ravaged Bahamas.

  • The Royal Bahamas Police Force said at least 50 people died after Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas on Sept. 1.
  • Dorian was one of the most powerful Caribbean storms on record.
  • That story will also be updated on the KCBD website later today.

The man who attempted to set off a pipe bomb in the New York city subway system will be sentenced today.

  • Akayed Ullah set off the bomb in December of 2017.
  • He was found guilty of federal terrorism charges in November of 2018 after he told police he was inspired by the Islamic State.
  • He now faces life in prison.
  • That story, too, will be updated on the KCBD website later today.

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