Four indicted, charged with organized crime after stealing LPD officer’s gun from car

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Three men and one woman have been indicted by a grand jury for organized crime after a string of burglaries, including stealing a Lubbock Police officer’s handgun from his unlocked car.

On August 1, police were called to the 4100 block of 123rd Street to respond to a vehicle break-in. Homeowners in the area provided police with doorbell camera and security camera video.

There was no sign of forced entry on the vehicle, the officer told investigators he did not lock it.

Latent finger prints were taken and later found to belong to 20-year-old Marcus Powell.

Police found Powell in the 5200 block of Bangor Avenue. While searching Powell’s apartment, police found a City of Lubbock credit card with the officer’s name on it.

The incident report states officers “made it clear to him” (Powell) that they needed the pistol that was stolen. Powell told police he would need to call “Alex," later identified as 20-year-old Anthony Lang, to speak with police.

Lang agreed to allow police to search his apartment. While there, police found a sweatshirt matching one seen in security camera footage from the burglary.

While at the home, police learned that someone named “Bug" now possessed the pistol. Police also learned “Bug” could be found at Park Tower Apartments.

The report states “Bug,” now identified as 21-year-old Ryan Rios was driving a white Saturn SUV, but the car had been damaged and the tires flattened.

Police approached the apartment carefuly, according to the report, as they believed the threat would be high that Rios might be armed and try to fight.

Rios cooperated and consented for police to search his apartment, the report says. From there, police learned everything Rios might have would be in the car downstairs.

Police went down to the damaged car and searched it, finding a shoe box containing the stolen gun and a box of ammunition. The report states the car belonged to Rios’ girlfriend, 22-year-old Desiree McGraw, who arrived at the scene with her father. McGraw told police Rios had called her and told her that her car was broken, without detailing the extent of the damage.

The report says when McGraw saw the car, she became visibly upset and informed police she had been dropped off at her house the same night the gun was stolen.

In the report, police say text messages from a cell phone belonging to Rios were taken and linked to Anthony Lang, talking about engaging in burglaries.

In the texts, Lang asks Rios who will be with him when they go to commit these burglaries, Rios said, “Just me and my girl but we should have at least one more.”

Lang replies, “I can wake Marcus up.”

The messages stop until the next day, when Rios and Lang discuss selling the gun for $250, until the buyer identified it as an officer’s gun and refused.

The report says the two began arguing over who would keep the gun, and the damage to the car, until Lang eventually told Rios to forget everything and delete his texts.

Lang tried multiple times to get Rios to realize that police were investigating, before police arrived to speak with Marcus Powell.

Powell identified the subjects in security camera footage as Lang and Rios, who he knew as “Bug.” Powell told police about burglarizing vehicles in the Rush Neighborhood, as well as Brooke Heights, as Rios’ Girlfriend, Desiree McGraw, drove them in the white SUV, the report says.

Rios, Lang, Powell and McGraw were indicted on charges of organized crime for the burglaries and held on bonds of $40,000.

Police say the officer involved has been formally disciplined.

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