‘No show’ commissioners delay vote on tax rate

Updated: Sep. 9, 2019 at 12:05 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Two Lubbock County Commissioners used a “no-show” vote at the Sept. 9, 2019 meeting to try and stop a tax increase.

The Lubbock County Commissioners met on Monday, intending to set a budget and set the tax rate, but because two of the commissioners were 'no shows,’ the county was forced to adopt an amended budget and accept the effective tax rate by default.

Lubbock County Judge Curtis Parrish said, “According to the law, we must have four members present on the court in order to enact the tax rate. We were able to go ahead and drop the budget with the amendments that would lower it to the effective tax rate. However, because they’re choosing not to be here and participate, because they chose not to be here to participate, we could not adopt the effective tax rate.”

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Judge Parrish says there will be another vote next Monday to vote on the budget. “We’ve got until the end of the year in order to adopt a tax rate. So, we’ll decide at our next regular meeting on September 23 to adopt the effective tax rate, one or the other.”

In a video posted to the Lubbock Taxpayers Coalition, County Commissioners Chad Seay and Jason Corley said the state law gives them “very powerful tools” to stop the tax rate from going any higher than the effective rate. In the video, Seay and Corley said they’re not going to next week’s meeting either.

If they don’t show up, Judge Parrish said, “Well, we’ll be working with council on that. It’s the laws in place to help us if two members decide they want to protest like they’re protesting. We will go ahead and move forward with or without them.”

Click here to see today’s agenda as a PDF.

No Show. No Vote.

Taxes only go up when good conservatives do nothing

Posted by Lubbock Taxpayers Coalition on Monday, September 9, 2019

The court can’t vote on the tax rate with fewer than four commissioners present. If Seay and Corley don’t show up to the meeting on Sept. 23, the county will be forced to adopt the effective rate.

The remaining commissioners were able to vote on other items on the agenda.

The court is made up of county commissioners Bill McCay, County Commissioner Precinct #1, Jason Corley, County Commissioner Precinct #2, Gilbert A. Flores, County Commissioner Precinct #3, and Chad Seay, County Commissioner, Precinct #4.

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