WellSaid Chapter 3: Previewing Arizona

WellSaid Chapter 3: Previewing Arizona

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - For the third straight week, head coach Matt Wells stepped to the up to the podium for the weekly press conference with a smile on his face.

As Wells’ Red Raiders beat UTEP, 38-3, behind a stellar performance from the Texas Tech Defense.

"We've done a great job getting off the field," Red Raider football head coach Matt Wells said. "Proud of our defense. I think they have given up two third-down conversions -- four to each game. I may be wrong. I'm not off too far, but again, no matter who the opponent is, that's really good defense, and they have given our offense a chance to get in a rhythm and that's what we need because the style of offense that we play."

Up next for the Red Raiders, they hit the road for the first time this season to play Arizona. The Wildcats are currently 1-1 on the season, after beating Northern Arizona, 65-41, last week.

"This week, Arizona. Arizona will be the most talented team we've played so far," Wells said. "Obviously their skill is really good. Khalil Tate has been there for several years. Very familiar with him. Dual-threat guy. Throws the ball very well and when he pulls it and runs, he's a threat to hit a home run every single time. 21, 23 is a good thing combo, running backs. They, again, they -- shifty, but they got home-run speed, and you saw that, or you've seen that on tape, we have so far. The two linebackers are the two guys that really make their team go, 1 and 7, just watching them early this morning. This year, studied them a lot over the summer and early summer, those two guys can play Schooler and Fields, and man, what a combo Marcel has, really, to kind of build a defense around..." Wells would go on to say, "But a very, very talented, skillful team that if you let it turn you into a track meet, they will let you get in trouble real, real quick and they have the speed to hit home runs and they are very talented."

Now the Red Raiders will be playing a tougher opponent out of the Pac-12.

So, for Coach Wells and the team, do they feel like they are prepared to play on the road in a hostile environment for the first time this season?

“By Friday, we’ll be as well prepared as we can be,” Wells said. “I think so much of it is your mental preparation and your investment throughout the week. We’ve got to choose victory. I mean, we’ve got to choose victory every day and what we need, how we sleep, what we put in our body, how we talk, everything, the investment, the practice, today, having the best Monday practice of the year. It’s the best opponent we’ve played all year. It will be the hardest environment because it’s our first game on the road, certainly know that. I’ve been in that stadium and that crowd’s loud. Been in there at a Bowl game, as an opposing coach on the other sidelines, yeah, it will be the biggest challenge we’ve had all year.”

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