Lubbock police help local musicians recover stolen equipment

Lubbock police help local musicians recover stolen equipment
Local musicians recover stolen equipment with help from LPD (Source: Drew Cypert)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A Lubbock-based musician is rocking again with some help from Lubbock police detectives after he spotted some of his stolen gear on Facebook Marketplace.

On September 6, Sam Choate realized a large amount of expensive music equipment had been stolen from his vehicle so he filed a report with Lubbock Police.

According to a Facebook post from another local musician, Drew Cypert, three days later Choate saw the equipment appear on Facebook Marketplace. Choate and Cypert began communicating with the sellers to try and get it back.

Meanwhile, the post says Choate was coordinating closely with detectives from LPD assigned to the case. Choate and Cypert agreed to meet with the sellers at Market Street on 19th and Quaker.

After interacting with them briefly, Lubbock police officers arrived quickly and arrested the sellers in what Cypert calls, “the most epic thing ever.”

Choate and Cypert gave statements to police before loading up the equipment.

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