Pay It Forward: A Donation to Los Hermanos Familia

Pay It Forward: A Donation to Los Hermanos Familia

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Los Hermanos Familia is planning future projects that would give families some other outdoor activities during its annual Vamos a Pescar event at Buddy Holly Lake.

To help in those plans, KCBD NewsChannel 11 and WesTex Federal Credit Union showed up to present Los Hermanos Familia with a gift.

“Through holding the fishing event and one day we were setting up and we saw so many families out there walking at the lake but that was it, they didn’t have anything else," Christy Martinez-Garcia, president and co-founder of Los Hermanos Familia, said. "So we decided let’s raise money and get some outdoor fitness equipment.”

But that’s not all the gift was intended for.

Los Hermanos Familia also organizes events throughout the year such as its Veteran’s Day Parade, the annual César E. Chávez People’s March and Celebration, Cinco de Mayo Parade and its Adelante Awards, among other things.

Those who wish to help out or want more information on the events and programs Los Hermanos Familia has can click here.

“Pay It Forward, I mean, it’s not even the name but the act of doing something like that. It means a lot," Martinez-Garcia said. "It means a lot because somebody sees the value of what we’re doing for the community, you know? We were talking earlier about what a passion this is and that means a lot to us.”

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