Texas Comptroller’s Office could be holding your money

$308 million in unclaimed property

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Texas Comptroller’s Office says they have $308.4 million dollars in unclaimed property this year. Money that could belong to you.

The Texas comptroller says this is the most money they’ve had since 2017. The money can come from a wide variety of sources such as forgotten utility deposits, forgotten refunds, insurance proceeds, payroll checks, cashier’s checks, and dividends. Businesses that have this money will usually turn it over to the unclaimed property program after it has been considered dormant for one to five years.

In order to claim this money, visit claimittexas.org, click get started and type in your name. If you have unclaimed money, it will be listed there.

There is no time limit for when you can claim this money. If it’s from the twenty or thirty years ago and you find out about it today, its still your money to take.

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