Lubbock business woman gives back in honor of friend who gave her a kidney

Business owner gives back after receiving gift of kidney

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A Lubbock business-owner is doing something to give back on the 12-year anniversary of the day she received the greatest gift of her life.

Karla Hope grew up knowing there was a 50/50 chance she had Polycystic Kidney Disease.

“There was no treatment or cure for it, so you just basically wait until you go into kidney failure,” Hope said.

Karla was 44 when it happened, but her best friend, Leigh, gave her a second chance at life by giving Karla her own kidney.

“For those who have had kidney transplants, heart transplants, liver transplants, from the person who has given it to them, thank you is just so inadequate. This is a little way to say thank you back to her as well,” Hope said.

It is the 12-year anniversary of the successful transplant, so Karla is donating 12 percent of Friday’s proceeds from her store, Hulla B’lu, to the Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation.

“To help find a cure and a treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease,” Hope said.

Karla and her husband, Richard, said it is also a chance to increase awareness of organ donation.

“It’s all about giving your organs away. You don’t need them when you get to Heaven so be an organ donor,” Richard said.

Karla said every year is a gift for her, so she wants to use this one to gift others.

“I want to honor Leigh, my donor, in some small way and I think that I’m doing that by giving back to people as she has given to me,” Karla said.

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