Lubbock nurses reunite with former patients at Covenant Children’s annual NICU reunion

Covenant Children's hosts NICU Reunion

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Covenant Children’s held its annual Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Reunion on Saturday, a chance for families who had their babies in the NICU to reunite with the nurses who helped them.

Today, 6-month old Everly got to reunite with her nurse, Kaymi Carson, who she hasn’t seen since she was released in May.

"She struggled and struggled and obviously she’s not anymore,” recalled Everly’s mom, Maren Latimer.

Maren and her family are from Hobbs, so when Maren stayed in the NICU for two months with baby Everly, she says the nurses gave her a lot of support during a hard time. She says that her daughter Morgan couldn’t meet her baby sister until Everly went home because the NICU was closed to children due to Respiratory Syncytial Virus season.

"They helped her, but they also helped us. It was a struggle being here alone without the rest of my family. They were also helpful to me and to her,” Latimer said.

The nurses who took care of Everly were there on Saturday. Kaymi Carson says it’s always great when they see a baby they’ve taken care of growing up and getting stronger.

"We pour so much of our energy and heart into these little ones. We’re so passionate about what we do. We get to spend all of these months bonding with their siblings and parents, so it’s so fun to see them come and see how they’ve grown and how they’re excelling,” Carson said. “Everly was three pounds and six ounces when she was born and as you can tell, she’s a growing girl and that’s what makes it so fun to see them growing and as you can tell, she’s nice and healthy.”

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