Lubbock ISD Crime Line rewards student for information leading to arrests

Lubbock ISD Crime Line offers rewards for student tips

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Earlier this week, Lubbock ISD turned to their students to find out who made a prank call to 9-1-1, offering a $50 reward to someone with information leading to an arrest.

The suspect was found without the help of a student, but the Lubbock ISD chief of police said their version of crime line has been key in solving crimes in the past.

“If we have an anonymous tip that leads to an arrest, then we pay for that information,” Scifres said.

Jodey Scifres, Chief of Police at Lubbock ISD, said the school district partnered with the Lubbock Crime Line in 2016 to create a similar program that is funded through the same organization.

“We use that money to pay for tips on contraband in the schools, any crime that occurs,” Scifres said.

Scifres said the program has mostly been used at the secondary education level for drug cases.

He described the crime line as a tool which is used at the discretion of the administration on each campus.

“If the administration uses that as a tool and it’s helpful and it kind of gains traction, other schools may want to get that information other ways,” Scifres said.

Scifres said it is about being a good citizen. He said many students report crime without needing a reward, but the money is an extra incentive.

“Crime is like a tolerance issue. If the kids in school don’t want to tolerate certain things, we give them avenues that they can report that,” Scifres said.

He said reporting crime is important to protecting the learning environment.

“When they’re going to school, they’re not having to see or deal with things other than what they’re there for and that’s to get their education obviously,” Scifres said.

Scifres said the crime line is not a phone number. The way it works is a student will report the crime to an administrator who will contact the police and pass along the money.

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