Chapter 6 of WellSaid: Looking at No. 22 Baylor

Chapter 6 of WellSaid: Looking at No. 22 Baylor

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Red Raiders played their best game of the season in Saturday's 45-35 win over Oklahoma State, as they shocked the nation in one of the biggest upsets of the weekend.

We all feel good today, we all felt better yesterday," Red Raider football head coach Matt Wells said. "We didn't feel good a week ago. Now, how can we build off of that performance? Because that was a lot closer to what we want it to be. I think we took a step in the right direction on Saturday. We played physical on both sides of the ball, we created takeaways and we need to capitalize better off of them on offense. You know, on the first three we only came away with ten points. It's not good enough. We did not play good enough red-zone offense. So, there is still plenty to work on but I think it is the step in the right direction on Saturday. Got to build off of that now."

So, as the Red Raiders move forward - they gear up to hit the road for the third time this year... Where this season, the Red Raiders were crushed by Oklahoma and lost by 14 to Arizona on the road.

So, for coach Wells - how does he plan on fixing the road woes they’ve had to start the season?

"I think it's our mindset at Texas Tech that our guys have to take on the road. I think so much of it has to do with Monday through Friday, and you do have to have a mindset of how do we play together on the road because we don't have the energy," Wells said. "We don't have the crowd. Our Jones stadium crowd, all that kind of stuff, but teams have to learn to win on the road so we're 0-2. I think part of the plan is Monday through Friday, we've got to practice well and play well here before we get on the road. There's no magic formula. You better win in the trenches."

Winning in the trenches against Baylor will be tough... The Bears have a big offensive line, are lead by upperclassman, and are currently 5-0 on the season, and they are favored to beat Texas Tech by 10.5 points.

“When you go 5-0 right now and are in the top-25, those guys are accountable and discipline,” Red Raider football head coach Matt Wells said. “They don’t give games away, they win games. Uhm, before you win games, you have to not lose it and they are not losing games. Because of their discipline, accountability, and their toughness. And, I think that is a direct reflection of their coaching staff.”

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