Pay It Forward: A donation for the elderly of Wilson

Pay It Forward: A donation to the elderly of Wilson

WILSON, Texas (KCBD) - Twenty miles away from Lubbock, in Wilson, Wednesday means an opportunity for senior citizens to enjoy lunch together, all thanks to the city secretary and some very generous neighbors.

So, WesTex Federal Credit Union and KCBD NewsChannel 11 stopped by Wilson City Hall to pay it forward to help out a special program.

Since 1917 the Green Building in Wilson has been a place where community members can come for food and fellowship.

“They still find it important to have their senior citizens come once a week on Wednesday and they have very limited funding,” Vicki Love with WesTex, said. “So the nearby City of Tahoka, they partnered up with them to make this program a success.”

Both WesTex and KCBD stopped by to surprise the Wilson City Manager, Susann Follis, who inherited the program from the city secretary before her. Follis said they usually get about 20-25 people who visit a week, depending on what is being served.

“If we’re having meatloaf, they all love meatloaf,” she said.

Regardless of what is on the menu, Lynn Schmidt makes his way to Tahoka every Wednesday, where they cook the meals for him to bring back. A small task, he says, because with this group everyone helps where they can.

“It’s kind of like a family reunion, almost, you know? Anybody that can help does physically, financially — whatever it takes,” Schmidt said. “And it has gotten bigger, even though the population has gotten smaller.”

For those who would like to nominate someone for Pay It Forward, they can fill out the form at

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