Michael Q. Sullivan to release audio of Bonnen meeting next week

Michael Q. Sullivan to release audio of Bonnen meeting next week
House Speaker Dennis Bonnen and Lubbock rep. Dustin Burrows (Source: Texas House website/KCBD)

AUSTIN, Texas (KCBD) - Michael Q. Sullivan, CEO of the conservative activist group Empower Texans, said he will release a recording between him and Speaker of the Texas House Dennis Bonnen next week.

In the audio recording, Bonnen is said to offer Empower Texans media credentials in exchange for politically targeting 10 Texas GOP lawmakers. This move by Sullivan was made public in a statement provided to Harvey Kronberg’s Quorum Report.

“Republican leaders continue to call for the recording to be made public and I have been given the green-light to do so by my legal team, later today I will announce that the audio will be released next week," Sullivan told The Quorum Report.

Though the recording has not been made public, some lawmakers have been given the chance to listen and said the alleged deal did take place.

Sullivan also alleged Bonnen is the person who proposed the deal, while Lubbock Representative Dustin Burrows was the person who handed him the list.

In the past Burrows did acknowledge the June 12 meeting did take place, but it was only to discuss the actions of other conservative legislators.

"I had one simple reason for taking the meeting — I saw it as an opportunity to protect my Republican colleagues and prevent us from having to waste millions of dollars defending ourselves against Empower Texans’ destructive primary attacks, as we have had to do the past several cycles,” Burrows told KCBD in August.

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