Sisters facing months of struggle to get mother’s death certificate

Months of struggle waiting for death certificate

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Two Lubbock sisters have been waiting four months to receive their mother's death certificate.

Colette Pool died suddenly in her home at the age of 55. Now her two daughters are trying to pick up the pieces, but they say it’s hard to move forward without a death certificate.

Colette Pool died at age 55.
Colette Pool died at age 55. (Source: Family)

“She was real outgoing. She loved planting, loved flowers, and loved the grandkids. She was a really good grandma,” Haley Kerby said.

Haley Kerby and Tana Powell say their mother taught them how to be kind.

“She was a caregiver. She worked over 80 hours a week and she has affected many people’s lives in a good way,” Haley said.

Tana and Haley say their mom was in great health, never showing signs of illness.

“She didn’t have any signs of being sick. She, as far as we know, was in very good health, so we just want to know what happened,” Haley said.

Four months ago, on June 25, Haley says she went to check on her mother at her home. “Then I found out that she had passed.”

It was a shock, not only to these sisters, but to the whole family. They say they had no idea what happened and were relying on the death certificate to find out.

“It’s scary because we don’t know if it’s something hereditary, something that we need to be cautious about,” Tana said.

As the months went by, they say they received nothing from the Medical Examiner’s Office.

“[The Medical Examiner’s Office] said it will take 60 to 75 days. Well, I called at least every other day. and so has my aunt, and on the 90th day, I asked them, hey, it’s been 90 days, what’s the deal? Ya’ll said 60 to 75. They told me that that was the minimum, the 60 to 75, and they still have no idea when they will know anything,” Haley said.

The sisters are discouraged, but they’re not giving up.

“We want to know what happened and I’m sure there’s several other families out there that don’t know what happened. They’re still waiting on results, too. It’s not only affecting us. There’s probably several other families out there who are in the same situation as us,” Tana said.

Haley and Tana say they don’t just need this death certificate for life insurance and retirement purposes, they also need it personally, for closure.

We reached out to the new Interim Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. John Lang, for comment, but did not receive a call back as of Thursday night.

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