South Plains Food Bank ‘GRUB Farm’ gets new building for teenage farming program

New building at Grub Farm

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The South Plains Food Bank’s 'GRUB Farm’ opened a new building for their volunteers this week, with help from Clearview Custom Homes and the West Texas Home Builders Association.

The program helps teenagers develop life and work skills while using the farm.

Former volunteer Izequiel Savedra Jr. went to the ribbon-cutting on Saturday to witness an exciting event for a program that he says heavily influenced his life.

“After 400 hours and four years of being out on the GRUB farm, it’s actually one of the most extraordinary events and adventures in my lifetime,” Savedra said. “Anything on this farm, I’ve touched. I’ve put in a bag, I put it into the shares and brought it out to the people all together.”

He says the program helped him develop patience and make some life-long friends.

“It started off volunteering and then becoming an actual job during the summer, so that right there… it taught us to do applications, do an interview, be good at public speaking,” Savedra said. “The children are here instead of being on the streets or something like that."

Savedra says the program is helping bring families together and helping teens form friendships.

Izequiel wants to make the turn around and provide a similar program for others one day, after going to California with the program and seeing the potential in other states.

“I want to do something like this, but for more cities and more towns in different cities and states. I want to do a community garden where children and families can be together.”

Jenifer Smith, Director of the farm, orchard, and GRUB Division, says the new building will be a great addition.

"The bigger reaction and the one we’re most proud of is the reaction of kids to the building. Having something so nice really makes them feel special. This program, we worked so hard to give them the confidence to go on and stay in school, become contributing members of society, so they see that some went through the effort for them and it really does a lot for their self confidence.”

Clearview Custom Homes, members of the West Texas Home Builders Association and the Lubbock community all helped with the renovation.

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