Pay It Forward: Treating the blood donors of Lubbock’s Vitalant

Pay It Forward: Treating the blood donors of Lubbock’s Vitalant

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - They may have a new name, but their mission is still the same. At Vitalant, formerly known as United Blood Services, every day is an opportunity to save a life through blood donation.

So, WesTex Federal Credit Union and KCBD NewsChannel 11 stopped by the blood bank on 48th Street and University Avenue to help them pay it forward to future donors.

“There’s no substitute for a voluntary blood donation because blood is not something you can manufacture in a lab. Without each of these people walking in every single day to donate blood, that blood is not going to get to those patients in hospitals,” Brandon Baker, a senior recruiting manager with Vitalant, said.

Both WesTex and KCBD stopped by to surprise the staff with 100 gift cards for blood donors.

“Those gift cards will make a big difference. Anything that we can do to help thank our blood donors for their selfless donations, makes a huge difference,” Baker said. “We’ll be able to give those to donors just as a thank you for taking time out of their day to come and donate that gift of life.”

Just one blood donation can save the lives of three people.

Most people don’t realize they can make such a difference, with just the occasional, small stick of a needle.

“In each of us we have truly the gift of life for someone waiting in one of those hospital rooms. It’s not anything you have to pay for, or be good at, anyone can be a good blood donor,” Baker said.

The Vitalant blood bank is located at 2523 48th St. and open Monday through Saturday.

To view their hours, or learn more about blood donation click here. (Link:

For those who would like to nominate someone for Pay It Forward, they can fill out the form at

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