Hocutt speaks on NCAA decision to compensate student athletes for likenesses

Hocutt speaks on NCAA decision to compensate student athletes for likenesses

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The NCAA announced its approval for college athletes to make money off their names, images, and likenesses and the Director of Texas Tech Athletics Kirby Hocutt is in favor of the idea.

“Student athletes should have the same rights as every student has on our campus,” said Hocutt.

Administrators with the National College Athletics Association have been researching the ways athletes could be allowed to receive compensation for the use of their names and likenesses.

Prior to this announcement, student athletes were able to own businesses, but couldn’t use their name, image, or likeness to promote it. Hocutt referenced TTU quarterback Nic Shimonek, who owned his own furniture restoration business, but wasn’t able to promote it himself due to the NCAA rules.

“Any other student on campus could have used their name to promote their restoration business, I don’t think that was fair to Nic or any other student athletes. The same way I think our student athletes should be able to give lessons and benefit from that, and they can do that right now they just can’t use their names, image, or likeness to promote that,” said Hocutt.

The Board of Governors for the NCAA has called on colleges in all three divisions to have rules in place by 2021.

“I don’t believe we will get to a place where we are compensating student athletes for their involvement in student athletics." Hocutt said, "We are not professional sports and I don’t think we should get there, but I am in support of our student athletes having opportunities to capitalize just like every student on this campus does and I think we will get to that point.”

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