Hard freeze could be good news for cotton harvest

Freezing temperatures will ready cotton for harvest

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The freezing temperature could hurt some crops tonight, but could actually be good for cotton.

Keith Harrison is a cotton farmer in Meadow.

“We’re not going to have to defoliate anymore, we can start harvesting all of this cotton and get it out in a timely manner now,” Harrison said.

He said the freezing temperature is a good thing for his crop.

“It helps the bolls to open up, it goes ahead and starts the drying process to get them to where the cotton is dry enough for it to be stripped and then ran through the gin,” Harrison said.

Harrison said each fall crop has to go through a drying process, either through a freeze like this, or naturally over time.

“It helps us because we can harvest it faster. It’s dryer, it runs through the machine better, it runs through the gin better,” Harrison said.

Harrison said when a hard freeze does not come until late November or December, it can drag out the harvest and cost them money. But, not this year.

“We won’t have to defoliate, we won’t have to spray anything. We can put the sprayers up and now we can just start and focus on harvest,” Harrison said.

Harrison said a lot of the cotton will be out of the field by Thanksgiving and sent to be ginned through Christmas.

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