2-part scam causes FirstBank & Trust to limit pay-a-person transactions

2-part scam causes FirstBank & Trust to limit pay-a-person transactions
(Source: FirstBank & Trust)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A two-part scam, targeting pay-a-person transactions has caused FirstBank & Trust in Lubbock to reduce its daily transaction limit.

The first part of the nationwide scam involves a person who claims to be part of FB&T’s fraud department and says there was a case of fraud on the customer’s debit card. The customer is asked for their full card number and PIN to block fraudulent transactions.

Then, in the second phase, a scammer calls the customer and asks about a fake suspicious transaction. The customer is asked for their banking password, username and secure access code.

“Once obtained, the fraudster will then send a one-time verification PIN via text to the customer and ask for the PIN to be read back to validate their identity; while in actuality, this information is being used to log into the customer’s online banking and access accounts,” FB&T wrote in a mass email to customers. “The fraudster will then list a few actual bank transactions to make the call appear legitimate. In most cases, the call appears to be coming from FirstBank & Trust.”

The bank says it will never call customers and ask for debit cards, PIN numbers, online banking passwords or secure access codes. Customers should be vigilant and not share confidential information with anyone who calls.

Those who have any questions on or have been a victim of fraud should call at 877-280-1864.

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