Rainy, windy, and cold today, then a break this weekend

Patchy ice possible along with rain, wind and cold - but a break this weekend

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Rainy, windy, cold, and cloudy. That pretty much summarizes today's weather. Temperatures are low enough in some of the KCBD viewing area that ice may form on elevated surfaces, such as bridges, overpasses, stairs and decks. After today and tonight, there's some relief from the cold ahead. Until the next cold front, which may be as cold if not colder.

Showers are likely to continue through this morning, then gradually diminish in coverage and intensity through the afternoon, generally from northwest to southeast. The showers may include, and have included, freezing drizzle or light freezing rain from near Lubbock and points west and north. Rain showers may linger over the southeastern viewing area until around sunset. Patchy ice may linger through the night.

Temperatures today will remain in the 30s with a wind chill factor in the 20s. Cloudy, cold, windy, and rainy.

Low visibility in fog and freezing fog is possible tonight. This may lead to ice on elevated roads well into Friday morning.

As the fog evaporates and the cloud cover begins to break tomorrow afternoon, we will warm a bit. Friday night and Saturday morning there may again be fog. Saturday afternoon, with more sunshine, will warm quite a bit.

For a Friday Night Football forecast, set your location either on the Weather Page or in our Weather App to the game location. That centers the radar and the forecast point to that location.

Weather for the Tech game in Morgantown WV this Saturday will be dry but cold. If you plan on attending any early-morning tailgating I suggest you plan for a bit of winter cold. For an updated GameDay Forecast set your location, either on the Weather Page or in our Weather App, to Norman OK. That will center the radar and the forecast point to that location.

The next cold front is anticipated late Sunday afternoon. The current forecast, viewable now here on the Weather Page, is based on that timing. If it's earlier, Sunday won't be as warm as forecast with a high in the 50s. If it's later, it will be warmer with a high possibly in the 70s.

It will be as cold, if not colder, following Sunday's front on Veterans' Day. There may be some light wintry showers. More clarity is expected as the cold front passage draws near.

Lubbock yesterday at the airport measured 0.47 inches of rain, a 24-hour record for November 6. The previous record was 0.27" in 1974.

This rainfall event's total at the Lubbock airport is 0.52 inch, as of 9 AM CST. Lubbock's total for November so far is 0.54", which is 0.29" above the month-to-date average. Total precipitation for 2019 so far is 23.21", which is 5.45" above the average year-to-date (17.76"). Last year at this time the total was 13.76". Lubbock's average annual precipitation is 19.12".

Rainfall totals (in inches) in and near the KCBD viewing area for the 24 hours ending at 10 this morning, courtesy of the TTU Mesonet:

3.71 Aspermont 3NE

3.48 Gail 2ESE

3.40 Fluvanna 3WNW

2.97 Lake Alan Henry 1NW

2.88 O'Donnell 1N

2.87 Rotan 5W

2.80 Graham 5SSW

2.74 Seminole 2NNE

2.68 Seagraves 1SW

2.61 New Home

2.42 Jayton 1SSE

2.17 Snyder 3E

2.15 Welch

2.11 Tahoka 3NNE

2.06 Post 1NE

1.83 Lamesa 2SE

1.63 Brownfield 2S

1.61 Snyder 3SSW

1.48 Knox City 3NW

1.45 Guthrie 10WSW

1.38 Spur 1W

1.27 White River Lake 6NW

1.26 Slaton 2NE

1.25 Denver City 7WNW

1.17 Hackberry 2 SSE

0.87 Wolfforth 6SSW

0.78 Ralls 1SE

0.75 Paducah 10SW

0.73 Hobbs NM 5NW

0.61 Roaring Springs 3N

0.54 Lubbock 3WNW TTU

0.53 Plains 3N

0.45 Reese Center

0.45 Floydada 2NNE

0.39 Smyer

0.33 Levelland 4S

0.31 Morton 1ENE

0.31 Tatum NM 2SW

0.30 Abernathy 5ENE

0.29 Sundown 8WSW

0.29 Dora NM 2SW

0.24 Anton 6SSW

0.23 Muleshoe 2SSW

0.20 Turkey 2WSW

0.16 Aiken 3WSW

0.15 Northfield 1S

0.14 South Plains 3ENE

0.13 Amherst 1NE

0.12 Silverton 7ESE

0.12 Earth 9WSW

0.11 Childress 2NNE

0.09 Plainview 1S

0.09 Caprock Canyons State Park

0.08 Olton 6S

0.06 Memphis 1NE

0.06 Dimmitt 2NE

0.06 Hart 3N

0.05 Estelline 3SSE

0.04 Friona 2NE

0.04 Happy 1E

0.04 Tulia 2ENE

0.01 Vigo Park

Most Mesonet stations are not located in the community they are named for but are nearby. The characters following each name above refer to the rain gauge location in miles and the direction from the community’s center - typically the Courthouse or City Hall, sometimes the downtown or business district. "Graham 5SSW " is the station five miles south-southwest of the center of Graham. Rainfall in Graham may have been less or greater.

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