Viewing area warming before the next plunge

Grey and cold start, but sun and warmth are on the way - as is the next polar plunge

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Another grey and cold start but improving weather - more sun and warmth along with a light breeze - is on the way. For a while. After quite a warm-up the next several afternoons, another big reversal is on the way.

Today low visibility is possible in patchy fog through about mid-morning. However, nearly the entire viewing area has been above freezing. Just a few spots in the northern KCBD viewing area dipped to near freezing overnight. In those areas, there may be patchy ice on bridges, overpasses, and other elevated surfaces this morning.

As of this post, I’ve not received any reports of ice. You can check road condition reports by dialing 5-1-1 from your cell phone and/or visiting

The improving conditions I mentioned unfold this afternoon and this weekend. It will about 20 degrees warmer this afternoon, compared to yesterday. With the return of the sunshine, and the light wind, it will be comfortable.

Friday night football and Saturday’s Tech game in West Virginia will be played in dry but chilly conditions. For a football forecast, set your location either on the Weather Page here or in our Weather App to the game location. That centers the radar and the forecast point to that location.

Fog and clouds are likely Saturday and Sunday morning, but Lubbock will remain above freezing each morning. Another 10 to 15 degrees of warming comes our way Saturday afternoon, and it will be a little warmer Sunday.

Another shot of arctic air - a reference to the cold pool's area of origination - will bring a major reversal Veterans' Day. There's much more in in our forecasts here on our Weather Page.

It’s well past, but a note about Wednesday’s severe weather risk outlook, which included a very small chance of an isolated tornado (in addition to damaging hail and wind gusts). It is unusual for this time of year, but not unheard of. John checked with our local National Weather Service office, which found there were three F0 (weakest rating on the Fujita Scale) tornadoes in Lubbock County on November 8, 1979 and two EF0 (weakest rating on the Enhanced Fujita Scale) tornadoes in Lubbock County on December 27, 2007 (two days after Christmas!).

By the way, no severe weather (tornado, hail at least an inch in diameter, or wind gusts of at least 58 mph) was reported in the viewing area Wednesday.

Another BTW, there were a few small snow flakes in Lubbock Thursday and the airport recorded a trace of snowfall for the day.

Lubbock's high yesterday was 57° - a little past midnight and ten degrees below the average high for the date. The peak daytime temperature was only 34° - 33 degrees below the average high. Lubbock's low this morning was 33°, seven degrees below the average for the date. The November 7 record low is 19° (1947) and the record high 89° (1916). For today, November 8, Lubbock’s average low is 39° and the high 67°. The record low is 20° (1943) and the record high 88° (2005).

Today's sunset in Lubbock is at 5:49 PM CST. Tomorrow's sunrise is at 7:13 AM CST.

There's much more in our forecasts here on our Weather Page. Thank you for visiting!

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