Lubbock veterans honored at 4th annual parade on Broadway

4th annual Veterans Day Parade (10 p.m.)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Los Hermanos Familia put on their fourth annual Veterans Day parade on Saturday, ahead of Veterans Day on Monday.

Veterans and veteran advocates proceeded down Broadway towards downtown to show their support for those who serve.

“It’s a no-brainer. This is a parade to honor all veterans, whether they’re in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard,” said Tammy Lowrey, a retired Chief Hospital Corpsman with the Navy. “I think Lubbock does an outstanding job at honoring vets.”

Lowrey joined in with the Veterans of Foreign Wars motorcycle group as they joined in on the fun on Saturday.

“We escort when we have to do funerals. We all served with a common good for the community. I find it rewarding to give back to the community.”

Lowrey wants to honor Lubbock veterans for the sacrifices they’ve made.

“Some people are transferred over to Japan or Afghanistan for years and aren’t able to see their families and that’s a major sacrifice.”

Lowrey made the sacrifice herself.

“I served on both the west and east and east coast: Virginia, Florida, Washington, San Diego. I did 6 deployments on USS Roosevelt, USS Eisenhower, USS Dennis, and a year in Afghanistan.”

Lowrey hopes the public will continue to honor and remember our veterans.

“We helped serve to protect the rights to vote, the rights to speak publicly, to live a life of freedom,” Lowrey said. "So they shouldn’t forget about those that we lost. We are here because of the blood shed overseas.”

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